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Maintenance steps of limit speed of deep groove ball bearing

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When the bearing operates under the load of 0.1C, the contact stress between the rolling element and the raceway increases, resulting in the increase of the working temperature of the bearing and the deterioration of the lubricant performance. Therefore, the limit speed of the deep groove ball bearing will be reduced accordingly.
For the range of C / = 10, because the reduction of limit speed is very small, it can not be considered, that is, the value of F1 = 1.
For the radial bearing under combined load, the number of rolling elements, friction resistance and calorific value increase, the lubrication and cooling conditions become worse, and the force acting on the cage also increases. Therefore, the limit speed of deep groove ball bearing must be multiplied by a reduction factor F2 according to the bearing type and load angle.
If the limit speed of the selected bearing can not meet the use requirements, some improvement measures can be adopted to improve it to meet the more satisfactory requirements. For example, improve the bearing tolerance level; Increase the clearance appropriately; Using special materials and improving the structure of cage; Change the lubrication mode, such as oil gas, oil mist and spray lubrication; Improve the cooling conditions, etc.
First, the detection method of bearing lubrication maintenance
During operation, the lubricating oil circuit shall be kept unobstructed, the sealing condition of the seals shall be checked regularly, and the damaged seals shall be replaced in time. Also, the operation condition can be monitored from the noise. Lubricant and temperature are monitored. Because the normal operation should be a steady buzzing sound, when there is abnormal, it should be handled in time. The normal lubricant is clear and clean. If the lubricant has become dirty, there will be wear particles or pollutants. When the temperature rises, the operation will be abnormal.
Second, the specific steps of bearing lubrication maintenance
1. The importance of lubrication
Attach great importance to bearing lubrication technology. Lubrication can use the oil film to separate the rolling surfaces in relative motion from each other, which will not cause excessive wear and failure due to the contact of rough points, and can ensure the stable performance and rotation accuracy during the given working life.
2. Classification of lubrication
It is divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. The advantages of grease lubrication are that the lubrication facilities are simple, the grease is not easy to leak, and it has the ability to prevent water, air and other impurities from entering. Therefore, grease lubrication is widely used in general. It is lubricated with oil under heavy load, high speed, high temperature and other working conditions.
3. Usage of grease
The amount of filling should be appropriate. It is better to take one third and one half of the shell space of the filling bearing and the deep groove ball bearing as the criterion. If the grease is added too much, the grease will deteriorate or change due to the stirring and sweeping heat. At high speed, it should only be filled to one third or less. When the rotational speed is very low, the housing space can be filled in order to prevent the foreign matter from entering the bearing.
4. Storage of bearing
Its storage and storage environment requirements are strict, such as temperature, humidity, etc. The room temperature should be controlled at 0-25 ℃, and the relative humidity should be kept at 45% - 60%.
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