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Characteristics and application of spherical silica

wallpapers Industry 2021-03-23
The characteristics of spherical silica
Spherical silica is prepared by aerosol catalyst ablation, with small specific surface area, clean surface, no residual impurities, high sphericity, and easy dispersion. The purity is high up to electronic grade, the particle size is as small as submicron or nanometer, the particle distribution is uniform, and there is no agglomeration. Spherical silicon powder as a filler can improve the rigidity, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, impact and compression resistance, tensile resistance, flame resistance, arc insulation properties and UV radiation resistance of electronic products.
Application of spherical silica
1. Epoxy molding compound EMC: Spherical silicon powder is mainly used for large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuit packaging. When it is used as a filler in an epoxy resin system, a large amount of epoxy resin can be saved.
2. The application of spherical silica powder in copper clad laminates is mainly to reduce the thermal expansion rate of copper clad laminates (CCL), improve the heat resistance of CCL, reduce moisture absorption, improve substrate peel strength, and improve thinner CCL The rigidity of the substrate and the crack resistance of mechanical shock.
3. The spherical silica powder is combined with PC, PMMA, PS, PP and other resins to impart light diffusivity to it, and it can also be added to the spraying agent to impart light diffusivity to the film;
4. Spherical nano-silica is used in special high-temperature ceramic materials, which is effective in reducing the firing temperature and increasing the yield. High-purity spherical silicon powder is used as a carrier and filler to improve the toughness and smoothness of ceramic products; spherical silicon powder and high-performance resins and ceramics are used as the matrix to make composite materials. This composite material made of high-temperature resistant ceramic-based composite material is an ideal heat-proof tile material for aerospace vehicles such as airplanes, rockets, satellites, and spacecraft.

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