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SiC nanoparticles modified carbon nanofiber mat for broadband microwave absorption

wallpapers Industry 2020-10-23
Due to electromagnetic (EM) pollution, there is an increasing demand for lightweight and flexible microwave absorbers. The carbon fiber mat has high flexibility and conductivity, so it is very promising. However, the high dielectric constant of carbon fiber causes a strong impedance mismatch with free space. Therefore, the team of Associate Professor Zhang Yani of Northwestern Polytechnical University published a paper titled "Ultralight and Flexible SiC Nanoparticle-Decorated Carbon Nanofiber Mats for Broad-Band Microwave Absorption" in the journal Carbon, researching the introduction of SiC into carbon fiber because it is related to free space. Has excellent impedance matching. After SiC nanoparticles are modified, incident microwaves may penetrate into the Si-modified carbon (C-SiC) nanofiber mat and be converted into internal energy instead of being reflected.

The conduction loss and polarization relaxation loss of SiC nanoparticles and conductive carbon nanofiber matrix consume EM energy. In addition, the highly flexible carbon fiber matrix can withstand bending and twisting loads, resulting in excellent flexibility and reliability. The resistance change of the C-SiC nanofiber mat after 200 bendings is less than 20%, and it has excellent EM absorption performance of RL. The minimum minimum value at a thickness of 2.15 mm is -53.7 dB, and the effective bandwidth at a thickness of 2.6 mm is 7.11 GHz. The proposed strategy can facilitate the design of highly reliable and flexible carbon-based two-dimensional (2D) EM absorbers for broadband wave absorption.
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