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Primary Materials For Making Bearings Rings And Rolling Elements Of Aircraft Engine Bearings

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Most bearings rings and rolling elements are made of special steel. High-carbon chromium bearing steels (GCr15 and GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15 and ZGCr15SiMn) are used to make rings and rolling elements. The hardness of the parts is as follows: The rings and rollers made of GCr15 and ZGCr15 materials are HRC61 ~ 65. and the steel balls are Hrc62 ~ 66 The rings and rollers made of GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15SiMn materials are HRc60 ~ 64. and the steel balls are HRc60 ~ 66. Bearings made of high-carbon steel chrome bearing steel are generally suitable for operating temperatures in the range of -40 to 130 degrees, and oil and grease lubrication is normal.

It can meet the requirements of general machinery. After the high-carbon chromium bearing steel bearing parts are tempered at high temperature, the adaptable working temperature can reach 250 degrees. With the progress of smelting technology, high-carbon chromium bearings steels can adopt different smelting methods, such as vacuum smelting technology, which can significantly reform the inherent quality of iron—especially the oxygen content in steel and the non-metallic inclusions formed by it. Significant reduction. Bearings made with this high-carbon chromium bearing steel can multiply their fatigue life. According to a large number of experimental comparison data, GCr15. GCr15SiMn, ZGCr15. ZGCr15SiMn bearing steels obtained by different smelting methods are used to manufacture bearings.

The hardness of ferrules and rolling elements made of carburized bearings steel is as follows: The bushings and rolling elements are HRc60 ~ 64. which is generally suitable for the working temperature range of -40 ~ 140 degrees Celsius. Oil and grease lubrication is regular, and can be used in It is used under high shock vibration conditions, such as rolling stock and rolling mill bearings, but the heat treatment process of this steel is more complicated. The hardness of the rolling body of the ferrule made of heat-resistant bearing steel: the bushing and roller are HRc60 ~ 64. and the steel ball is HRc61 ~ 65. Under normal lubrication conditions, it is suitable for a working temperature of 120 ~ 250 degrees Celsius. Such as aero engine, gas turbine, and other spindle working conditions. (4) Corrosion-resistant bearing steel is used to make ferrules and rolling elements. The hardness is: the bushings and rolling elements should not be lower than HRc58. It is suitable for corrosive media such as water, nitric acid, and chemical reagents. 253 ~ 350 degrees Celsius.

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