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The technology of NSK bearing

wallpapers News 2021-11-25
NSK bearing MOTION&CONTROL technology, to build a comfortable and safe society. While safeguarding the earth's environment, NSK strengthens the solidarity and cooperation between countries and people through its undertaking on a global scale.
Not content with being the industry leader in Japan, NSK has long set its sights on overseas markets. After more than 20 years of dedicated operation, NSK has established a mature production, development, and sales mechanism in developed European and American regions. In the Asia-Pacific region, NSK's business is also progressing rapidly due to its excellent quality and considerate service. In these major markets, NSK combines Japan, Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific into a four-pole system with its well-structured intelligence network. Due to China's pivotal position, NSK's career development in China will further improve the quadrupole system.
Core technology
NSK bearing technology is based on four core technologies. Through the strengthening of these technologies, NSK improves the industrial mechanical bearings and quickly meets the needs of customers. In addition, it also promotes the integration of these technologies, and strongly promotes the research of new technologies and the development of new products.
Tribological technique
For supporting the rotating motion and reciprocating motion bearings, lubrication is needed. NSK plays a role in products by developing highly lubricating technology through the design of grease and solid lubricants and surface processing research.
Materials technology
To improve the function and durability of products and achieve low cost but high production efficiency, NSK focuses on material design, heat treatment, performance evaluation, and analysis evaluation. The material technology developed is applied to the long life and reliability of bearings for automotive and industrial machinery applications.
Parsing techniques
NSK analytical technology, which contributes to the design and development of high-function and high-reliability products as well as the construction of efficient production systems, is advancing towards advanced development. In addition, for tests requiring high accuracy and those difficult to evaluate, NSK has implemented the virtual test by computer simulation and further improved the analytical technology level to promote the speed of product development.
Mechatronics technology
NSK's independent mechatronics technology, which integrates mechanical elements and electronic elements, has been effectively applied to high-function motors, control technology, induction technology, as well as high heat resistance, high density, high reliability of the installation technology, biomedical micro-electro-mechanical system technology, and other fields.

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