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Angular contact ball bearings design principle

Angular contact ball bearings play an important and irreplaceable role in mechanical design. They cover a wide range. It can be understood that without a bearing, a shaft is a simple iron rod. The following is a basic introduction to the working principle of the bearing. The rolling bearing developed on the basis of the bearing, its working principle is to replace sliding friction with rolling friction. It is generally composed of two ferrules, a set of rolling elements and a cage. It is highly versatile, standardized and serialized. They are mechanical basic parts. Since various machines have different working conditions, various requirements are put forward for rolling Angular contact ball bearings in terms of load capacity, structure and performance. For this reason, rolling Angular contact ball bearings need to have a variety of structures. However, the most basic structure is composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage-usually called the four major pieces.
Bearing examples
For sealed Angular contact ball bearings, add lubricant and sealing ring (or dust cover)-also known as the six major parts. The names of various bearing types are mostly named according to the names of the rolling elements. The functions of various parts in the bearing are as follows: For radial Angular contact ball bearings, the inner ring usually fits tightly with the shaft and runs together with the shaft, and the outer ring usually forms a transitional fit with the bearing seat or mechanical housing hole to play a supporting role. However, in some cases, the outer ring is also running, the inner ring is fixed to support or both the inner ring and the outer ring are running at the same time.
For thrust Angular contact ball bearings, the shaft ring that tightly fits and moves with the shaft is called the shaft ring, and the seat ring forms a transitional fit with the bearing seat or mechanical housing hole and plays a supporting role. Rolling elements (steel balls, rollers or needles) in the bearing are usually evenly arranged between the two rings for rolling motion with the help of a cage. Its shape, size and quantity directly affect the load capacity and performance of the bearing. In addition to separating the rolling elements evenly, the cage can also guide the rotation of the rolling elements and improve the internal lubrication performance of the bearing.

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