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Nano Bismuth powder research report

Nano Bismuth powder research report
Nano Bismuth-based photocatalysts have good photocatalytic performance. Due to the orbital hybridization of Bi6s and O2p, the position of the valence band is increased, thereby reducing the forbidden band width, so that the bismuth-based photocatalyst has obvious absorption in the visible light range. It has become a hot spot in the field of photocatalysis in recent years. Although the photocatalytic activity of bismuth-based photocatalysts in the visible light region is significantly higher than that of traditional TiO2, its quantum efficiency is not high, photo-generated electrons and holes are easy to combine, and the absorption of visible light is limited. There is a greater distance. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to increase the photogenerated carrier rate of the bismuth catalyst, inhibit photogenerated electron-hole recombination, and enhance the absorption of visible light. This article mainly reviews the latest research progress in the regulation of the photocatalytic performance of Bismu Analyze and summarize aspects of semiconductor compounding, etc., and prospect the development direction of bismuth-based semiconductor photocatalysts.
Nano Bismuth powder of Bismuth-based photocatalyst
Nano Bismuth-based photocatalysts are an important type of visible light photocatalyst, but the photocatalytic performance of bulk bismuth-based compounds is not ideal and needs to be modified and enhanced. Morphology control and surface modification are two ways to enhance the performance of bismuth-based photocatalysts Effective methods. This article summarizes recent research reports on the morphology control and surface modification of bismuth-based compound photocatalysts, and introduces the preparation of ultra-thin nanosheets, the adjustment of crystal surface ratio, the construction of hierarchical and hollow structures, functional groups and nano The research situation of enhancing the performance of bismuth-based photocatalysts by methods such as surface modification of particles, regulation of surface defects, and surface in-situ conversion to form metallic bismuth and bismuth-containing compound nanoparticles. The characteristics of various methods and their increase in light absorption, effective separation and utilization The mechanism of photogenerated carriers is discussed, and the future development trends and challenges faced by the morphology control and surface modification of bismuth-based photocatalytic materials are analyzed and summarized.
Bismuth-based photocatalysts are important visible light photocatalysts. Because the photocatalytic performance of the bulk bismuth is not superior, its surface is modified. Morphology control and surface modification can effectively enhance the performance of bismuth-based photocatalysts. The bismuth-based photocatalyst is summarized The research progress of catalyst morphology control and surface modification introduces the formation of ultra-thin structure synergistic heterojunction, hierarchical structure and hollow structure construction, functional groups and nanoparticles modify the surface, control surface defects and carry out in-situ conversion to form metallic bismuth and metal Methods to improve the performance of bismuth-based photocatalysts, such as bismuth-containing compounds, analyze the future prospects and challenges of photocatalytically modified bismuth-based compounds.

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