Velta to produce 3D-printed titanium medical implants in Ukraine

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Velta, a titanium innovation enterprise headquartered in Ukraine, is expected to begin commercial production and sales of finished titanium medical implants made through additive manufacturing and the company’s revolutionary titanium powder technology by the end of this year, becoming the world’s first enterprise to fully integrate commercial titanium ore mining, powder processing, and production. Metal manufacturing business. Velta supplies titanium raw materials to the company and produces its products. The company holds a 2% share of the global titanium raw material market.

(Titanium 3d printing powder)

Velta CEO Andrey Brodsky said, “This significant milestone is the result of years of extensive behind-the-scenes work, and our powder technology is expanding at the pace of global titanium market demand.” By pushing these titanium medical implants to the market, we have demonstrated our philosophy and are eager to establish our position as the first leading comprehensive titanium surgery company. ”

In 2017, Velta established a research and development center to innovate new methods for producing titanium powder as a substitute for sponge titanium. This patented titanium powder method is faster and more environmentally friendly than existing sponge titanium. Subsequently, the company expanded its semi-industrial production of titanium metal powder at its research and development center in Dnipro, Ukraine. It established two new departments to strengthen its vertical integration efforts and consolidate its market position. The new departments include Velta Additive Technology (producing titanium products using additives) and Velta Medical (producing customized titanium medical implants in Ukraine).

As the company advances its commercial, research, and development business in Ukraine, it is undergoing an intensive site selection process to establish a world-class titanium powder production facility in the United States. Last month, Velta announced that it had hired global engineering consulting firm Hatch to develop its new US factory, which would initially produce 1000 tons of titanium powder annually. Titanium powder is an important 3D printing material with broad application prospects and market potential. Along with the continuous development and popularization of 3D printing technology, the demand for titanium powder will continue to increase, and its preparation and processing technology will also continue to be improved and perfected.

Application fields of titanium 3D printing powder

Aerospace: Titanium powder is extensively used because of its high strength and good corrosion resistance. Through 3D printing, complex aircraft components can be manufactured to reduce weight and improve performance.

(Titanium 3d printing powder)


Medical implants: Because of their biocompatibility and mechanical properties, titanium powder is commonly used to manufacture medical irrigates, such as artificial joints and dental implants. Through 3D printing, customized implants that match the patient’s bones can be produced to improve the effectiveness of the implants.

(Titanium 3d printing powder)

Automotive parts manufacturing: Titanium powder is also commonly used in automotive manufacturing and can manufacture lightweight automotive components, improving fuel efficiency and performance.

(Titanium 3d printing powder)


Architectural design: Titanium powder can manufacture building models and components, improving design accuracy and construction efficiency.


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