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Aluminium nitride ceramic architecture analysis

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The difference between aluminium nitride ceramics and boron nitride ceramics is that aluminium nitride ceramics are based on aluminium nitride, while boron nitride ceramics are based on boron nitride ceramics. You know a bit more about boron nitride ceramics, but how much do you know about aluminium nitride ceramics? What is the structure of boron nitride ceramics?
It is important to tell everyone that aluminium nitride, like boron nitride, belongs to the hexagonal system. Aluminium nitride ceramics are based on aluminium nitride crystals as a structural unit of covalently bonded compounds (aluminium nitride crystals can be expressed as AIN4), which itself has a wurtzite structure. The chemical composition includes 65.81% AI and 34.19% N, the shape colour is white or off-white, the single crystal is transparent, and the sublimation decomposition temperature under normal pressure is 2450 ℃. It is a high temperature and heat resistant material. Coefficient of thermal expansion (4.0-6.0) X10 (-6) / ℃. The thermal conductivity of polycrystalline AIN is 260W / (m.k), which is 5-8 times higher than that of alumina, so it has good thermal shock resistance and can withstand the heat of 2200 ℃. Also, aluminium nitride has the characteristics of not being attacked by aluminium liquid and other molten metals and gallium arsenide and has good corrosion resistance to molten aluminium liquid.
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