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Do you know the correct steps to select roller bearings

wallpapers Industry 2021-04-14
Roller bearings have many types and various dimensions. In order to select a bearing suitable for achieving design purposes, comprehensive analysis is required from mechanical use conditions, the performance requirements of bearings, and the specifications of the bearing to suitably and economics.
General steps for selecting roller bearings
1. Determine the bearing type and configuration. (Reference factors are: bearings installation space; bearing load size, direction and properties; speed; rotation accuracy; noise and friction torque; rigidity; the relative tilt of the inner ring and outer ring; installation and removal; bearing configuration; Marketivity.
2. Determination of the bearing size. (The bearing life of the mechanical requirements; when the amount of moving load; equivalent static load; speed; the main size of the bearing; the basic fixed load; the basic static load; the license is the axial load).
3. Determination of accuracy level. (Rotation accuracy; noise and friction torque; speed; accuracy of the bearing).
4. Team and internal gaps. (Load size and nature; temperature difference during runtime; material, size and precision of the shaft and housing; fit; the temperature difference of the inner ring and the outer ring; the speed; preloading; bearing accuracy; the inner gap of the bearing).
5. Materials and types of cages. (Speed; noise).
6. Countermeasures for special environments. (Media conditions such as temperature, seawater, vacuum, drug, dust, gas, magnetic field, etc.; special material; special heat treatment; special surface treatment; lubricant).
7. Lubrication method, lubricant and sealing device. (Using temperature; speed; lubrication method; lubricant; sealing device; limiting the speed of the bearing; the life of grease).
8. Installation, disassembly method, and install the correlation size.
9. Finally determine the bearing and its surrounding specifications. Finally, a performance satisfactory bearing is obtained.

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