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Maintenance of insulated bearings

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In order to maintain the original performance of the bearing in a good condition for as long as possible, maintenance and overhaul are required to prevent accidents before they occur, ensure the reliability of operation, and improve productivity and economy. Maintenance should be carried out regularly in accordance with the operating standards of the mechanical operating conditions. The content includes monitoring the operating status, replenishing or replacing lubricants, and regular disassembly inspections. As maintenance items during operation, there are bearing rotation noise, vibration, temperature, lubricant state, etc.
Inspection and judgment of bearing: In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be used, check after the bearing is cleaned. Check the state of the raceway surface, the rolling surface, the mating surface, the wear of the cage, the increase of the bearing clearance and the damage related to the decrease of dimensional accuracy, and abnormalities. For non-separable small ball bearings, the inner ring is supported horizontally with one hand, and the outer ring is rotated to confirm whether it is smooth.
Separate bearings, such as tapered roller bearings, can separately inspect the rolling elements and the raceway surfaces of the outer ring. Because large bearings cannot be rotated by hand, pay attention to checking the appearance of rolling elements, raceway surfaces, cages, rib surfaces, etc. The higher the importance of the bearing, the more careful inspection. The purpose of bearing lubrication: The purpose of the lubrication of rolling bearings is to reduce the internal friction and wear of the bearing, prevent burning, and its lubricating effect is as follows.
1. Reduce friction and wear, prevent metal contact and reduce friction and wear in the contact parts of the ring, rolling element and cage that constitute the bearing.
2. Extend the fatigue life. The rolling fatigue life of the bearing will be prolonged if the rolling contact surface is well lubricated during rotation. On the contrary, the oil viscosity is low and the lubricating oil film thickness is not good, so it is shortened.
3. Discharging friction heat, cooling, circulating oil method, etc. can use oil to dissipate heat generated by friction or heat transferred from the outside, and cool. Prevent the bearing from overheating and prevent the lubricant from aging.
4. In addition, it also has the effect of preventing foreign matter from entering the inside of the bearing, or preventing rust and corrosion.
Lubrication method: The lubrication method of the bearing is divided into grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to make the bearing perform well, first of all, it is necessary to choose a lubrication method suitable for the use conditions and purpose. If only lubrication is considered, the lubricity of oil lubrication is dominant. However, grease lubrication can simplify the structure around the bearing and compare the advantages and disadvantages of grease lubrication and oil lubrication.

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