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Artificial pig ears are made of gelatin and sodium oleate

wallpapers News 2021-10-22
A man bought some pig ears and posted online that he suspected they were made of gelatin and plastic. According to relevant authoritative testing institutions and experts' identification, the illegally processed bittern pig ears were found to be fake pig ears. The main ingredients were gelatin and sodium oleate. The public security organs have been involved in the investigation, and compulsory measures have been taken against those illegally processing fake pig ears.
According to the authorities, for the sake of scientific caution, the suspected fake pig ears from Ganzhou were sent to two authoritative testing institutions for testing. After a few days of testing, the results of the two testing institutions have confirmed that the main composition of this batch of pig ears is gelatin and sodium oleate. Among them, sodium oleate does not belong to food additives and new resource food, is not allowed to be used in food non-edible substances.
According to food chemistry-related experts, sodium oleate belongs to an anionic surfactant, according to the provisions of the food safety law, sodium oleate can not be used as a food additive. The criminals add sodium oleate to make the fake pig ears more realistic in color and taste (white to yellowish powder or light brown-yellow coarse powder. Sodium oleate has a special taste and smell, like butter), so that the public in the process of eating it is not easy to distinguish its fake ingredients. However, pure sodium oleate containing gold properties has an excellent decontamination effect, the effect on the health of the human body can be imagined.
The man who sold the ears was released on bail and fined $1,000. The public security authorities have been involved in the investigation and have taken compulsory measures against those who illegally processed fake pig ears.

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