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The structure, properties and shortage condition of aluminum diboride

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Aluminum diboride structure
The structure of aluminum diboride is similar to that of intermetallic compounds, and its structure mainly depends on the crystal structure of aluminum metal and boron rather than their valence relationship. Aluminum borides are AlB2, AlB4, and AlB12. The diboride AlB2 can be formed by the reaction of two elemental substances above 600°C. It is a layered structure in which Al atoms directly overlap, and B atoms are filled in the triangular pillars formed by the direct overlap of Al atoms, that is, the boron layer is between the two aluminum layers. The boron layer is similar to the graphite structure. The boron atoms are connected into a hexagonal network. The distance between each B atom and the other three B atoms is 0.173nm. There are six Al atoms connected to B, and they occupy the vertices of the triangular column. superior. AlB2 can be dissolved in dilute hydrochloric acid to produce a reducing solution, which may contain HB(OH)+3. AlB2 is insoluble in dilute sulfuric acid but soluble in nitric acid. AlB2 decomposes to AlB12 above 920°C.
Aluminum diboride properties
Aluminum diboride (AlB2) is a binary compound formed by aluminum and boron. It is a red solid under normal temperature and pressure. It loses its surface gloss when heated. It is stable in cold dilute acid and decomposes in hot hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. It is obtained by mixing fine powders of aluminum and boron after heating and reacting. It is one of two compounds of aluminum and boron, and the other is AlB12, which is commonly referred to as Aluminum diboride. AlB12 is a black and shiny monoclinic crystal with a specific gravity of 2.55 (18°C). It is insoluble in water, acid, and alkali. It is decomposed in hot nitric acid and is obtained by melting boron trioxide, sulfur and aluminum together.
In the structure of Aluminum diboride, B atoms form a graphite-like sheet with Al atoms between them, which is very similar to the structure of magnesium diboride. The single crystal of AlB2 exhibits metallic conductivity on an axis parallel to the hexagonal plane of the substrate.
Aluminum diboride is considered a hazardous substance because it reacts with acid and hydrogen to produce toxic gases. For example, it reacts with hydrochloric acid to release borane and aluminum chloride.
Storage conditions of Aluminum Diboride
Aluminum boride nanopowder products should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition, should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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